Download the postcard of the Restaurant Don Serafino 1953 Malta

Opened in June 2011 by La Rosa family…

The La Rosa brothers hailing from Ragusa Ibla have brought over to the neighboring Malta their expertise and recently opened another restaurant.

The Restaurant Don Serafino 1953 is situated in the breathtaking peninsula of Dragonara and offers a choice to the patrons to dine both inside the Dragonara Casino or al fresco on the beautiful terrace. Its majestic colonnade overlooking the Mediterranean Sea offers them the opportunity to have lunch, dinner or even a cocktail in the most romantic and unique setting on the Island.

The menu is based on the Mediterranean Diet which forms part of the UNESCO heritage. The ingredients are fresh from Malta and Sicily, and when in the hands of young chef Claudio Schiavone is quickly transformed into highly creative yet simple gastronomic delights.

The wine cellar proposes a list of over 400 labels. The diverse and extensive wine list consists of Sicilian, Italian, French and vast choice of international wines, guaranteed to meet the tastes of the most discerning clientele.

The Don Serafino 1953 is open daily for lunch or dinner. Under the capabilities of the maitre-sommelier Bartolomeo Drago, waiting staff move silently around ensuring that you are given a warm welcome, assistance and above all the best hospitality that you deserve… We look forward to giving you a memorable experience.

Pinuccio e Antonio La Rosa