Tasting menu "Della Locanda" with six courses € 100,00

Tasting menu "Gran Chef" with nine courses 135,00


tasting menu is for all commensals


Special lunch menu with three courses € 50,00 per person



Wine Tasting

Five regional wines € 55,00

Seven wines (regional, italians and foreigns) € 75,00

match with Tasting Menu


Champagne Flute € 14,00

Flute of Italian Champenoise € 10,00

Flute of Sicilian Champenoise € 10,00






Raw fish selection € 30,00


Seared king prawns on leak cream, liquorice water and candied lemon €30,00


Light pureé of “Cosaruciari” beans with chilly olive oil, parsley“sponge” roasted scallops and smoked mussles € 28,00


Cod fish, tangerine, olive and Jerusalem potatoes € 28,00


Donkey tartar with beer zabaione, fresh sprouts and potatoes andcarrots chips € 28,00


Rabbitat “Stimpirata” €28,00

(traditionalrecipe revisited in the style)


Hotpudding of ricotta cheese, chargrilled artichokes cream, sauted cherrytomatoes, pumpkin pearl in sweet & sour on majoram scent € 26,00


First course


Freshlymade black ink spaghetti with sea urchins, ricotta cheese and cuttlefish €28,00


Fagottinipasta filled with “dogfish” and broccoli with red garlic sauce, crumble oftoasted bread, cherry tomato in cooking olive oil € 28,00


Tortellipasta of sativa canabis seed flour filled with pumpkin with bottarga tuna eggs,sweet & sour of red cabbage and spring onion, saige butter € 28,00


Acquerellorice at saffron with fresh goat cheese and trufled roasted lobster (we serve itfor least 2 people) € 78,00


Raviolipasta filled with free range chicken, ragout of is liver and lemon fragance €26,00


Lasagnettaof black Nebrodi pig with reduction of marsala wine and duck fois gras € 28,00



Second course


Fishsoup with herbs cutrons € 40,00


 Monk fish at confit carrots with Ustica lentisand black rice, chicory €32,00


Steamedcoocked Codfish with citrus olive oil foam, spinach and saffron potatoes €32,00


Vealat “corretto” coffee with peppers cream and milfoil of potatoes pistachio andvalerian € 32,00


Lambshoulder roasted marinated at citrus with Giarratana cicerchi with seasonvegetables (for 2 people) € 68,00


Slowcooked Belly of Black pork from “Nebrodi” with Nerello Mascalese wine sauce “sea’sporchetta” made by scampi and squid, paté of chestnut and “sinapu” € 32,00


RoastedQuail filled with the flavour of the Hiblean country € 32,00




Our classic desserts in three samples

(carob creme brulèe, pistachio semifreddoand coffee  ice creme, Ragusano cheese cake) € 15,00


Organic milk “Biancomangiare” at Steviawith warm caramel sauce, linseed bisquit at red vermouth and crunchy almonds(gluten free and sugar free)  € 15,00


Warm pumpkin pudding at orange withreduction of Porto wine, caramelized cocoa beans, cinnamon ice cream andwalnuts € 15,00


The sins of Montezuma made by thechocolate of Antica Dolceria Bonajuto € 20,00


 Cauliflower and white chocolatemousse with dark chocolate petals, marsala wine ice cream and pine nuts biscuit,truffle € 20,00


My own Apple tart at rosemary withbuffalo milk yogurt ice cream € 15,00


Selection of our ice cream, granite andsorbet  € 14,00