Tasting menu "Della Locanda" with six courses € 110,00

Tasting menu "Gran Chef" with nine courses 145,00


tasting menu is for all commensals


Special lunch menu with three courses € 50,00 per person



Wine Tasting

Five regional wines € 55,00

Seven wines (regional, italians and foreigns) € 75,00

match with Tasting Menu


Champagne Flute € 15,00

Flute of Italian Champenoise € 10,00

Flute of Sicilian Champenoise € 10,00






Crudité From The Sea € 32,00

Raw and cooked Amberjack Mediterranean fish with peach and tartar of vegetables mayonnaise atmasala curry, sea lettuce € 30,00


Mazara red King Pawns browned on onion cream, liquorice sauce and lemon zest  €32,00


Strawberry and tomato with creamed salted cod fish , bread crumble, "Luna Piena" goat cheese and celery juice € 30,00


Rabbit at "Stimpirata" € 30,00(traditional recipe revisited in the style)


Guinea- fowl and octopus double cooked in our gardens vegetable and anchiovies green sauce € 30,00


Egg in the tomatoes with is sauce, basil and cheese € 26,00

(Childhood memento where is obligatory the mop bread)  


First course


Freshly homemade black ink spaghetti with Ricotta cheese, sea urchins and cuttlefish  € 30,00

Linguine pasta with rape cabbage in mussels cream € 30,00


Potato Gnocchi' s with peppers bake at mint, saber fish at " Beccafico" and bittersweet onion sauce € 30,00


Risotto at saffron with fresh goat cheese and trufled roasted lobster

(we serve it for least 2 people) € 78,00


Tortelli's pasta filled with roasted Nebrodi's black pig with bake potato foam, Rosemary essence € 30,00


Mix Gragnano's short pasta broth and summer squash tenderness € 30,00 



Second course


Soup with herbs crutons € 40,00

Red Mullet with cheek lard, cosaruciari beans, star anice and squid essence € 35,00      


Grouper mediterranean fish at Norma Style € 35,00


"Ala lunga" Tuna fish seared with wild origano with onion at almonds and syrup of Cerasuolo di Vittoria Wine € 35,00


Rump of Lamb with herbs crust, with wine, plum and figs sauce, cardamom carrots € 35,00 

Roasted veal breast and sesamo seed,  with smoked potato pureé, marinated mushrooms€ 35,00


Roasted Quail filled with the flavour of the Hiblean country € 35,00 




Our Classic desserts in three samples

(Carob Creme Brulée, pistachio semifreddo and coffee ice cream,Ragusano cheese cake) € 15,00

 Soft patty cake at lemon,filled with almonds cream, lavender ice cream, mixed berries and Melissa sauce € 15,00


Carrots and Passion fruit soup, fresh fruits and fine lemon granita, crispy wafer € 15,00


Strawberry consistency, milk curd, pistachio's crumble and Sichuan peppers € 15,00


The Sins of Montezuma made by chocolate of Antica Dolceria Bonajuto € 20,00


Selection of ice cream, granite and sorbet € 15,00