Tasting menu "Della Locanda" with six courses Euro 100,00 per person

Tasting menu "Gran Chef" with nine courses Euro 135,00 per person


tasting menu is for all commensals


Special lunch menu with three courses Euro 50,00 per person



Wine Tasting

Five regional wines Euro 55,00

Seven wines (regional, italians and foreigns) Euro 75,00

match with Tasting Menu


Champagne Flute Euro 14,00

Flute of Italian Champenoise Euro 10,00

Flute of Sicilian Champenoise Euro 10,00




Selection of raw fish  €30,00


Seared red king prawns* on onioncream, licorice sauce and candy lemon zest €30,00

Red mullet, tomatoes and gingersandwiches with "cucuzza" sauce, fried zucchini, wafer of rice  €26,00

Donkey tartare with beer sabayon,carrot and potatoes chips and cress  €26,00

Rabbit at  Stimpirata style (reinterpretation of a greattraditional dish) €26,00


Warm pudding of buffalo ricottacheese on crispy vegetable warm soup  €24,00


Primi piatti

Squid ink home made fresh spaghettiwith sea urchins, warm ricotta cheese and cuttlefish  €26,00

Soup of mixed pasta and tenerumi(zucchini leaves) with sea food  €26,00

Home made fresh tortelli stuffed withfree range organic chicken with liver ragout at marsala  flavor €26,00

Risotto "Acquerello" withSicilian saffron and fresh goat cheese, roasted lobster, black summer truffle

 (for 2 persons)  €76,00

Home made "Russello" wheatnoodles with "Trapanese" style sauce and glazed veal sweetbreands €26,00


Fresh ravioli stuffed with eggplantswith Ragusano cheese air and cherry tomatoes cooked on olive oil  €24,00


Secondi piatti

Sliced ​​albacore with soft grilled eggplant, mint pesto, hempseeds and baked tomatoes €30,00

Dolphin fish pepper lacquered withlime flavored carots, cannolo of zucchini with octopus €30,00

Cod fish "Amatriciana"style  €30,00

Fish soup with"bruschetta" (toasted bred  with herbs) €40,00

Roasted Angus rib eye on spicyspices with vegetables from our garden and home made pepper ketchup €30,00

Pork chop stuffed with Ragusaflavors, braised bacon and fennel seeds, seasonal vegetable  €30,00


Roasted quail stuffed with porksausage, vegetable and field herbs, Ragusano cheese sauce  €30,00



Sicilian selection Euro 20,00

Selection of regional, italian and international cheeses Euro 25,00


Our classic desserts in three samples

(carob creme brulèe, pistachio semifreddo and coffee  ice creme, Ragusano cheese cake)  €14,00


Organic milk “Biancomangiare” sweetened by Stevia, caramel sauce, flax seeds bisquit at red vermouth and almond powder bisquits (gluten free and sugar free)  €14,00



Assortment of our ice cream, granite and sorbet  € 14,00


Fruit sushi and rice  €14,00


The Montezuma’s gluttonous sins made with the chocolate of Antica Dolceria Bonajuto


Peach Bellini €14,00


Carrots, coconut milk and  lemongrass  €14,00